Shiny charges fees to employers in one way and executives in another. Please read below to understand how we charge our fees and process invoices via the Shiny platform.


We do not charge a fee on top of what you pay the executives via our platform. However, if you hire a candidate as an employee off of our platform, we charge you a recruiting fee which is equal to 15% of the candidate’s first-year total cash compensation.


We take 15% of what you make on the Shiny platform. For every client we match you to that you engage with, we require that you invoice them via the Shiny platform. If you are hired full-time at any point, we do not charge you a fee for leaving.

How Payments on Shiny Work

For all fractional or contract work done by executives, the executives invoice employers through the platform. We have integrated Stripe to make it easy and safe for payment processing. An employer must have a payment method connected to their account for their executive to invoice them. When an invoice is sent by an executive, the payment method the employer has marked as “default” on the platform will be charged 3 days after the invoice is sent. If there is an issue with the invoice, the employer can contact [email protected] to get it resolved before the payment method is charged.

Credit Card Processing Fees

We allow employers to pay invoices via ACH or credit card. ACH payments are easy thanks to our integration with Plaid, and there is no processing fee. For all invoices paid with a credit card, there is a 3% processing fee to cover the fees the credit card companies charge.

If you have any questions about our fees or how we work, please contact us at [email protected].